About Head Above Water

Head Above Water Swim School was established in 2002 to provide swim lessons for children in the privacy and familiarity of their own pool. We specialize in private, in-home, one-on one swim lessons and customize each class to meet your child's specific needs. In addition to providing custom in-home services, Head Above Water also has pools around the Los Angeles area where clients can come to learn if they do not have access to their own pool. For more information about our Los Angeles locations, CLICK HERE. Head Above Water currently offers swim lessons in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas and we hope to continue to grow across the United States and serve your city soon!


Head Above Water has served thousands of families over its nearly 20 years in business, typically working with 500-700 families annually. During the peak season we employ over 20 swim instructors. We are very excited about our growth and success and we look forward to continued expansion in the years to come.


Our services include: Infant Swim Instruction, Parent-and-Me Swim Classes, Child Swim Instruction (beginner and advanced), Adult Swim Instruction (beginner and competitive), Nanny/Caregiver Swim Instruction, and Lifeguard Services

Our Philosophy

We wholeheartedly believe that learning to swim is a valuable skill that can not only save an individual's life, but can also increase his/her self-esteem and confidence! The lessons that are learned in the pool will benefit a swimmer long after they learn to swim. As learning styles can vary significantly between individuals, our experienced swim instructors customize their teaching methods for each individual swimmer to ensure that each swimmer gets a tailored experience that best serves his/her needs and goals. 

The History of Head Above Water

Head Above Water Swim School was established in 2002 with the goal of providing water safety instruction for children and adults in the West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area.  In 2003, HAW expanded to serve all communities in the Greater Los Angeles area. In 2005, HAW extended their service into the valley areas of Los Angeles including West and Central San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Valley. 


In 2009, Kate Polich came aboard the HAW team as a swim instructor and ending up playing a major role in the company growing into what it is today. In late 2009 Kate became the Manager of Head Above Water and then in March 2015, Kate bought Head Above Water. As the new owner she became committed to making HAW the premier swim lesson provider in Los Angeles.


Kate Polich is passionate about aquatics! Kate had a long career as a competitive swimmer, starting by competing on a summer league team in Minnesota when she was 7 years old and culminating in being recruited to swim for the NCAA Women's Swim Team at The University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, CA where Kate competed as a Trojan for four years.


Whether a swimmer is in the pool recreationally or competitively, Kate believes that swimming is an important life-long skill that will benefit the individual for years to come. If you have questions about your 3-year-old's fear of the water or your 12 year-old's potential future as a competitive swimmer, Kate welcomes conversation about finding the best course of action for your swimmer! While Kate isn't in the pool full-time any longer, she keeps a limited amount of time available in her schedule to come work with a few select swimmers each year. For more information about setting up the exclusive experience of swim lessons with the owner of Head Above Water, CLICK HERE

Kate is also currently practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #106711), providing psychotherapy services in private practice in West LA Angeles, CA. Kate works with individuals, children, couples, and families. More information can be found about these services here: www.MFTtherapist.com.

We commit to quality, effective and fun swim lessons for all!

Serving Los Angeles Since 2002!

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Swim Lessons

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