Advanced Swim Lessons

Ages: 7-17 (approximately)

Our private, one-on-one advanced classes are focused on more sophisticated swimming skills and stroke development. Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly will all be introduced and proper form will be refined. Treading water is also an important skill for the more advanced swimmers to learn. Swimmers who just want to go further in their skill set can benefit from our advanced lessons as well as swimmers who want to progress to swimming on a swim team or trying out for junior lifeguards. As we only provide private one-on-one lessons in our program (no groups or semi-private classes), the lessons are always tailored to exactly what the swimmer in the water needs to work on. We believe the private lesson structure sets the swimmer up for best success to reach their individual goals.  Click Here to contact the Head Above Water office for more information about what we can offer your advanced swimmer in the pool. 

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