Andrew G.


One of our most popular male instructors, Andrew has been working as a lifeguard and swim instructor for over 15 years. Now in his 12th year of working with Head Above Water, Andrew is a certified Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard and has worked with students of all ages and abilities. Andrew has gained much experience working in aquatics and has a true passion for instructing students in what he feels is an invaluable skill. He knows that the swimming instruction he provides helps promote fitness, fun and safety for people of all ages.

Ages Andrew Works With: 6mo. through Adult
Andrew's Schedule: Monday-Thursday and Saturday

Areas Andrew Teaches: West LA COOLIDGE Pool ONLY

Pictures and Videos from Andrew's Classes

Client Reviews

"Andrew was great. He knew how to ease my kids into the water and how to make them feel comfortable."

-Ursula M., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"As an adult swimmer, Andrew was very patient and thorough! He had many suggestions on how to get past my fear of submerging again after traumatizing experiences in the past. It was great! I definitely plan on coming back!"

-Andrea T., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"Andrew was great! He even got our child who has been afraid to swim in the water immediately. She had the best time! And our older child made more progress than he's made in past classes. Andrew is a wonderful instructor!"

-Kelly C., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"Andrew was knowledgeable and friendly. His vast experience working with kids showed as our son was happy and comfortable for his first lesson."

-Vik K., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"Andrew is great. He was able to figure out my kids strengths & weaknesses very quickly. He was very patient and creative on helping them."

-Monica A., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"I can't begin to tell you how thrilled we were with Jack's first swim lesson on Saturday. Jack came back and was so excited when talking about how it went with Andrew. He really liked him! And he was so proud to have put his head under the water. I have to tell you, we've tried 2 other swim classes in the last few years, and we really didn't have a good experience. It's really exciting to know that Jack is looking forward to his next lesson and feels encouraged that he'll be swimming by summer!"

-Julie B., West LA Pool, Spring 2020

"I appreciated how Coach Andrew started the first session by asking what we wanted to achieve over the course of the coming weeks. He was clear in setting the expectations for that day's lesson and the coming weeks. His method of teaching fundamentals by breaking down the stroke into individual components was very well suited to my son. Thus far, Kyle has made good progress week to week. Andrew is good about prioritizing what issues to work on in what order for Kyle. Andrew is responsive to Kyle and knows how to get his attention and communicate effectively."

-Eric T., West LA Pool, Fall 2019

"Andrew’s instruction has been a good balance of fun and work. He is playful but firm and both of my children have responded positively to him. Andrew keeps the lessons challenging within an appropriate range."

-Emily P., West LA Pool, Summer 2019

"My son LOVED his lesson and was really happy to reunite with Coach Andrew from last summer. He keeps asking when he gets go back! My daughter is a little challenging. She was great until she had to put her head in the water. Andrew was patient and handled her screaming in a kind but firm manner. She was able to put her head in the water a few times. She’ll come around but thank goodness for Andrew’s patience!!!!"

-Emily M., West LA Pool, Summer 2019

"Andrew was great with our boys. He made them feel comfortable right away and got them to wet their faces. They both HATE to get water in their eyes, so we were very impressed with Andrew getting them to do that! It was a great experience."

-Stephanie R., West LA Pool, Summer 2019

"My son, Garrett had such a positive experience! Andrew seems to be giving great technique support. He kept it fun and gave specific feedback. I like when teachers use motivational language of what the child is doing right and how to improve, rather than shaming them about what they're maybe doing incorrectly, which is what Andrew did!"

-Zoenda M., West LA Pool, Spring 2019

"My older grandson, Sammy had a great time with Andrew!! His younger sibling was not as happy and cried through some of the lesson, which I had expected because he struggles with separation anxiety. But when he came home after the first lesson he got into the bathtub and starting blowing bubbles in the water and kicking his feet, which he had never done before!!! So I think he definitely absorbed the lesson even though he wasn't as happy about it as Sammy was. Overall Andrew is great with the boys and he knows how to make the lesson fun!

-Mary M., West LA Pool, Spring 2019

"Andrew was great!! Flint was comfortable in the water with him right away in the first lesson and had a great time in the pool!"

-Hilah J., West LA Pool, Winter 2018

"Andrew has gone far and above being professional. He makes my kids feel so comfortable, it’s more like they’re playing with their friend. The comfort he provides is the perfect atmosphere for success. Andrew caters the songs he uses to each kid. For example he asked one of my kids their favorite candy, then incorporated it into the song before going under water. It’s a great personal connection." 

-Dan B., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Head Above Water was the best decision we made. Our son, Jeremy is getting the focus he needs. Andrew is great with Jeremy. He is funny and understanding, but firm, which is what Jeremy needs. I really like that Andrew is focusing on Jeremy's form, which is what is needed." 

-Stacy S., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Totally amazing!! After just the first 30 minute session, our little 4 year old was going completely underwater independently and was so proud of himself for finally breaking through that barrier. Andrew gave the perfect balance of fun, very specific instruction and encouragement." 

-Joanie M., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Andrew has been great working with both of my kids getting them to feel comfortable in the water and learning the skills they will need to swim!" 

-Naomi Z., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Andrew was great at creating a fun and inviting environment for my 4 year old. The pool is well heated and helps to make the proceess of getting used to the water easy." 

-Teppei H., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Andrew is so great with kids!! My son, Ethan loves going in the pool but sometimes overestimates his own water safety skills, and Andrew is great at keeping him safe but still allowing him a long leash to explore. My youngest, Audrey was scared of getting her face wet, and Andrew worked hard to keep it fun for her. The kids are always looking forward to their next lesson!" 

-Laura M., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"I have been VERY impressed with Head Above Water so far! My son has progressed more in 5 lessons here than he had in all of his lessons with 5 (yes, five!) other swim programs. He is now happy about going to swim lessons for the first time ever!! His instructor, Andrew has been fantastic in every way. I am very impressed with both his kindness but also not letting my child manipulate! I cannot say enough about how great everything has been!" 

-Stephanie W., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"Quin's lessons with Andrew went great! From the time he started learning to swim 3 summers ago until now, Quin's swimming abilities and comfort in the water have changed dramatically for the better and I give a good part of the credit to Andrew and Head Above Water!" 

-Michelle K., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"Andrew is great with kids!! My girls were entirely comfortable with him very quickly. He is really skilled at pushing them just enough to help progress their water safety skills without making things scary or overwhelming." 
-Huria P., West LA Pool, Spring 2018


"We had a really great lesson with Andrew!! My daughter Madeleine had a really positive experience in the pool, so much so that she really did not want to get out! Thank you!"

-Lisa S., West LA Pool, Fall 2017

"We could NOT be happier! Andrew is a true master and the classes are just perfectly designed. My son, Euan is learning thru play and that is exactly what we wanted!"

-Vanessa C., West LA Pool, Summer 2017

"I just wanted you to know how special Andrew is. I'm sure you know that already but I just wanted to sing his praises! His enthusiasm and patiences are to be envied! I enjoyed being around him, by more importantly, so did my daughter! After the lesson she said "I thought I didn't like boys, but I do now!" Hahaha! She's already asking when our next lesson is. Thanks so much!" 

-Katie C., West LA Pool, Summer 2017

"Andrew was awesome! He made my younger daughter's lessons SO much fun that my older daughter is begging to take lessons as well!"

-Harte L., West LA Pool, Summer 2017

"While the first swimming lesson was a bit challenging for Tanutam due to the new environment and a new face, by the second lesson, he had a GREAT time! Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and well-experienced. "

-Thanatcha A., West LA Pool, Summer 2017

"My son was so scared of the water prior to his first lesson and Andrew turned that around in only the first lesson. The songs and games and gentle approach was so effective and appreciated. Thank you!!!"

-Mike H., West LA Pool, Spring 2017


"Andrew is wonderful! I love watching him work - he is genuis. He tailored the lesson to suit each of my kids perfectly. Everything is awesome about the swim lessons. Thank you Head Above Water!"

-Tricia H., West LA Pool, Summer 2016

"Now in our second summer working with Andrew, we can't imagine anyone else teaching Ocean at this point. He's always so excited to be in the pool with Andrew and on lesson days asks how soon until he gets to see him. Can't get a much better review from a 4 year old! Ocean has caught on very well this year with only 3 lessons. He loves Andrew and listens to him and follows his instructions so well. Andrew is patient and playful while being firm in a kind, gentle way. We just love Andrew, as does Ocean."

-Pattie S., Playa Vista, Summer 2016


"My son has not been in a pool for several months and REALLY enjoyed his lesson with Andrew (especially a particular silly song that Andrew sang) and he couldn't stop giggling. My daughter, who had initially expressed reluctance at taking swim lessons, is now eager to start swimming!"

-Alissa M., West LA Pool, Spring 2016


"We are so pleased with Andrew! He got Dylan to put his face in the water when no other instructor could do that. Thank you!"

-Jennifer H., Playa Vista, Summer 2015


"We thought Andrew was great!! We've had a tough time finding swim lessons this year - the first teacher we tried was nice but had no boundaries and lessons became stressful and unsafe. Then we tried another school, only to arrive to find 5+ teachers teaching at the same pool, and the guy that had Nico dunked him under the water without even telling him. Finally we found your company and Andrew - yay! Nico was definitely more nervous than usual - he was clearly affected by that bad lesson because he used to be fearless around the water, and in this lesson with Andrew he was nervous and didn't want to go under the water. :( Poor guy. And when Nico gets nervous, he gets distracted and also tries to run the show - and Andrew did a fantastic job of being kind and understanding, while also gently pushing Nico and giving him very clear boundaries that he couldn't push. We are confident that within a few weeks of these lessons Nico should be back to loving his swim lessons again. So thank you!!!!!"

-Meredith S., West LA Pool, Summer 2015


"Andrew has been great! Relates well to kids, knows when to push and when to let up a little, and has a great attitude."

-Pattie S., Playa Vista, Fall 2015

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Q1: Where did you grow up?

West Los Angeles, CA


Q2: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Japan again! And, Australia.


Q3: What is your favorite thing about being a swim instructor?

Blowing Bubbles


Q4: Who is your hero?



Q5: If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Burgers & Pizza 

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