Below you will find the available openings at our West LA pool for the 2020 season. As a reminder, our West LA pool is located in Mar Vista. Learn more about the location by clicking here:


Please review the following details to best understand the grid:


  • This grid is NOT updated in real-time so a time slot that shows as "available" below may no longer be available by the time you contact us. To best serve you, when contacting us to book a slot, please provide 2-3 times that work for you, in order of preference, and we will do our best to accommodate one of your preferred times. 

  • For each time slot, the available teacher's name is listed. If you would like to book one of the times that says "teacher TBD," please contact us to discuss when the teacher assignment will be made. Learn more about each teacher by finding their bio here:

  • If you see a date listed next to the word "available," that means the time slot is not available until the specified date. If you see a date listed next to the phrase "available thru," that means the time slot is available from now through the date listed, but the time slot is booked after that date. If there is no date listed next to the word "available," that means that the time slot is available any time.

  • REMEMBER! Once you book a time slot, that time is only reserved for you for the number of classes you booked. For example, if you purchase an 8-lesson package, your time slot is only reserved for you for the 8 dates that you reserve. If you would like to reserve your time slot for a longer duration of time, you may opt to make an "Ongoing Reservation" instead of booking an 8-lesson package (read more about the "ongoing reservation" here:

  • Lastly, in ADDITION to the available times listed below, there are some one-off appointment times available on weekends in the coming months. If you are open to piecing together a schedule and not necessarily having the same appointment time every week, contact us to get a list of the available times. Or, simply go to our new and improved online booking page and search by date to find available times:

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