Chloe B.


Chloe graduated from the University of Hawaii Manoa and plans on attending Law School in the fall. She was born in South Africa, attended high school in Australia but now calls the U.S. home. Her aquatic career started at the age of 6 as a competitive swimmer for her local swim team but by the age of 12 she was ready for a new challenge...Water Polo! She fell in love with the sport and played for the Australian National Team and in Division 1 at the University of Hawaii, all the while finding opportunities to share her love for the water and aquatic sports with the next generation! We are thrilled to have Chloe join the Head Above Water team in 2020!

Ages Chloe Works With: 6 months through Adult
Chloe's Schedule: Friday - Sunday

Areas Chloe Teaches: West LA Pool (Fridays) and West LA areas

Client Reviews

"We were so curious and eager to get a first parent and me swim lesson. This went better than expected. We will surely be practicing the many skills we were introduced to for our 1-year-olds and then book our next lesson with Chloe! She was wonderful. So lovely, fun, knowledgeable, friendly, on-time and I just feel like I got exactly what I’d hoped for to give my baby the best experience and early safety lessons in the water! Thank you HAW and Chloe!"

-Katrina L., Westwood, Summer 2020

"Chloe was so nice, my baby girl warmed up to her almost immediately. We are looking forward to more classes with her!! I was a little nervous about the whole experience because we haven't been doing activities but the HAW office eased my mind throughout the process and were able to accommodate all of our needs!"

-Jessica C., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"Chloe is amazing!! My son Jackson is not the easiest and she has handled him perfectly. We love her!"

-Caitlin D., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"I liked my daughter's first lesson with Chloe. She provided the right balance of both instruction & making it fun. She also explained the rules which is important!"

-Lupe M., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"Chloe was knowledgeable and calm. She made my kid feel so comfortable in the water especially getting his face in it. I enjoyed watching him learn."

-Yanira H., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

Read on to get to know Chloe even better...


Q1: Where did you grow up?

A mixture of South Africa, Australia and Hawaii

Q2: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Iceland to see the Northern Lights. 

Q3: What is your favorite thing about being a swim instructor?

The opportunity to share my love of the water with the next generation

Q4: Who is your hero?

Lebron James. The amount of hope, expectation and responsibility he carried on his shoulders as a high school athlete entering the NBA was astronomical. He has been nothing but a role model for young athletes in a world where professional athletes can so easily be sucked into a world of darkness. His story is truly inspirational and the way he uses his platform and resources to help those in need and shed light on social issues is admirable.

Q5: If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Pizza! There are so many different ways to eat it you could never get sick of it.

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