Giles R.


Giles is returning for his 12th year with Head Above Water! He is a graduate of Duquesne University with 15 years of competitive swimming background. While stroke technique is one of his specialties, he works with swimmers of all ages and even works with infants and toddlers as one of our Mommy and Me specialists. Giles also has over 15 years of coaching experience. He is an avid tri-athelete and loves teaching kids to swim. As one of our veteran instructors who knows how to make swimming fun, your child is sure to have a positive experience in the pool with Giles!

Ages Giles Works With: 6 months through Adult
Giles's Schedule: Mon-Thurs evenings & weekends

Areas Giles Teaches: West LA areas

Client Reviews

"We absolutely love Giles!! He brings the perfect energy and communication style for our two year old son! Looking forward to a fun summer of swim lessons!!"

-Megan K., Pacific Palisades, Summer 2019

"Giles was terrific with Max and myself. He was good at quickly accessing our skill sets and teaching us our requested frogstroke and treading water accordingly."

-Norn J., West LA Pool, Summer 2019

"My son Nathan loves his swim lessons with Giles, who is very patient and makes swimming fun!"

-Jimmy H., West LA Pool, Spring 2019

"Very impressed with how quickly Giles had my kids immersed and taking strokes and breaths underwater! We love the 30 minute time slot for our toddlers; we had done 15 minute lessons in the past and found them too short to accomplish much. The West LA pool is beautiful and clean and the instructor made things fun but also incorporated water safety and listening, which was all great! Overall LOVING our experience!"

-Kate H., West LA Pool, Winter 2018

"Giles was amazing!! My son, Bradley felt so comfortable and loved his swimming class. Great service and great lessons! I recommended to my sister and she already signed her daughter up. Thank you!!"

-Andrea A., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Giles was really, really patient and explained things clearly. He really appealed to my son Sammy, even though he wasn't exactly in the best mood as we literally had to wake him up to get him into the class on time."

-Samir L., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"We have been having Giles come to our home for swim lessons since our daughter, Sophia was 1. She is 7 now and her progress is amazing!! She is WAY ahead of most kids and it's all because of Giles!!"

-Margaret S., Santa Monica, Summer 2018

"Giles was beyond fantastic!!! I appreciate being placed with him because he is exactly the temperament my 6 year old son who, despite having many lessons elsewhere is still pretty much a beginner."

-Sara P., Santa Monica, Spring 2018

"We've worked with Giles for a few summers now and he has honestly made such a difference in our lives! He finds the right balance of reassuring, inspiring and challenging my boys so they work hard, have fun and learn so much! The day after one of the lessons, my youngest was counting the days until the next lesson. He's so proud of what he can do! Thank you Giles!!!"

-Cathy S., Pacific Palisades, Summer 2017

"Giles is FANTASTIC!!! He is very patient and engaging and my two kids have so much fun with him and are learning a lot!"

-Michelle D., Santa Monica, Summer 2017

"Giles has been Sophia's instructor for 5 years now. He is an outstanding teacher and human. My daughter looks forward to her lessons every week! It has been a wonderful experience and I would offer an unqualified recommendation for Head Above Water's program!"

-Doug S., Santa Monica, Spring 2017

"We have taken lessons with Head Above Water for a few seasons and it has always been great but we just started with Giles this year and he is awesome. Swimming with him has been our best experience yet. Giles rocks! My daughter, Ella did the most she has ever done in a lesson. And my son, Nicholas had such a great lesson for his very first time in the pool. We are very pleased!!!"

-Suzanne B., Tuller Pool, Spring 2017


"We have had several instructors through HAW over the last few summers and Giles was simply the best teacher we have had so far. We have loved the others but he was exceptional and commanded my son and daughter's attention and basically taught my son to swim. Before working with Giles, Will only sat on the steps in the shallow end. After working with Giles this summer, he can comfortably swim in the deep end of the pool. Giles was always punctual, calm, friendly and was able to get my kids to focus. He gave me things to work on for both kids each week which was super helpful. He made my son feel comfortable and at ease in the water and helped my daughter perfect her strokes and gave her confidence on that front. My husband and I are thrilled with Will and Logan's progress this summer, all thanks to Giles! Hope to use him again next summer for Will!"

-Leslie H., Westwood, Summer/Fall 2016

"Giles is amazingly patient and a great teacher!!!"

-Jenn G., Santa Monica, Summer 2016


"Giles is an amazing instructor! I'm SO happy that we get to work with him for the 2nd year now."

-Erin G., Santa Monica, Spring 2016


"We are thrilled so far. We have had three consecutive lessons with Giles and have already seen an improvement in Liv's ability and comfort in the water. She connected with her instructor. She has been excited to get in the pool every day and feels comfortable with Giles. He is great!" 

-Joli A., Pacific Palisades, Spring 2015


"Giles is fantastic! Exactly what we were hoping for. He really worked the boys and they responded well. I saw progress already with the first lesson."

-Shelly M., Pacific Palisades, Spring 2015


"Giles is great! Everything we wanted. My son absolutely loves him!"

Julia C., Pacific Palisades, Summer 2015


"We love Giles and are extremely happy with how he teaches and how the boys have been progressing. We definitely want to continue working with Giles in the future - for years. He's just fantastic!"

-Cathy S., Pacific Palisades, Summer 2015


"This is our 3rd summer with Giles now and we love him! A consummate professional, who knows how to hone in on the student's strengths and weaknesses.​"

-Laura R., West LA, Summer 2015

Read on to get to know Giles even better...


Q1: Where did you grow up?

Edmoton, Alberta until I was 11 and then I lived in Pasadena until I went to college. 


Q2: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Australia to scuba dive and take in the scenery and architecture. 


Q3: What is your favorite thing about being a swim instructor?

Seeing the smiles on a kid's face once they get the hang of it and learn.


Q4: Who is your hero?

My mom because she was a single mom raising me and sacraficing time to take me everywhere.


Q5: If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Pasta Bolognese

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