Lizzie B.


After taking a short hiatus where she was busy playing in the Seattle rain, Lizzie is back with Head Above Water for another season! Lizzie has over 6 years of experience working with children in the pool and many more years of experience working with children in other capacities. Teaching others to love the water as much as she does is her true passion. Lizzie loves working with kids (and adults, too!) in all sorts of capacities -- when she is not in the pool, she is busy working as a kids and family photographer.. Lizzie is SO excited to be back in the pool with us this year and she's ready to have lots and lots of fun with your swimmer!!!

Ages Lizzie Works With: 6 months through Adult
Lizzie's Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs + Weekends

Areas Lizzie Teaches: Westside

Client Reviews

"My 5.5 yr old has been really enjoying herself in the pool with Lizzie and she keeps practicing going under water & her kicking all weekend after the lesson. She is very proud of herself. And Lizzie has done a good job with gaining trust & comforting my almost 3 yr old who is shy & was scared at times."

-Mark L., West LA, Summer 2018

"I am an adult learner and Lizzie was great. I'm the type of learner that needs to asks a lot of questions and she explained everything. By the end of the lesson I was able to swim back and forth across the pool!!"

-Shaniqua M., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"I loved Lizzie! She is awesome and as an adult taking lessons, she made me feel at ease."

-Earnestine H., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"From the very first lesson, Lizzie immediately showed SO much enthusiasm and managed to get our daughter into the pool and having fun without her even noticing it, which was a big feat for our fearful 4 year old!"

-Megan M., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"Lizzie is great!! Our 3 year old boy always looks forward to his lesson!!

-Stavros P., Beverly Hills, Spring 2018

"My daughter, Lexie LOVES Lizzie. She has a way of making the lessons so much fun for my daughter! Overall, the classes are a perfect mix of easy/fun and hard/challenging."

-Allison H., Mar Vista, Spring 2018

"Our lessons are going great with Lizzie! Lizzie is a wonderful, fun, enthusiastic instructor and my daughter looks forward to her lessons with her every time! Thank you, Head Above Water, we are SO happy with the lessons!"

-Megan H., Brentwood, Summer 2017

"My experience with Head Above Water has always been good, but this year we were sent an instructor who is WAY above all the others we've had in terms of her ability to deal with children and get them to look forward to the lessons. Lizzie is truly an incredible swim instructor! She worked with my two younger grandchildren (wages 6 and 3) and already got them to swim in 3 lessons! She knows how to challenge them to want to do their best, and praises them enthusiastically when they achieve. This is the third year I've used HAW and I have no words adequate enough to praise Lizzie!"

-Carmella P., Westwood, Summer 2017

"Our lessons are going GREAT - Lizzie is awesome!!  We've taken a few years of lessons now and our boys are having A LOT of fun this summer!!"

-Kevin B., Mid-City, Summer 2017

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Q1: Where did you grow up?

Los Angeles, CA


Q2: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Greece Beaches!


Q3: What is your favorite thing about being a swim instructor?

Watching a child have the "I DID IT!" moment. It's priceless!


Q4: Who is your hero?

My Grandpa -- he taught me to love the water, and love life.


Q5: If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?


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