Matthew H.


Matthew is currently a rising senior at Occidental College, Los Angeles where he studies Film Production. His aquatic career started in New Milford, Connecticut for the New Milford Barracudas. He then went on to compete more competitively with the Regional YMCA Makos, in Brookfield, Connecticut. Now he continues his training and competes as a distance swimmer for Occidental College. Matthew has always worked with kids and around the water as a swim instructor, swim coach, lifeguard, and an assistant preschool teacher. Matthew loves to see the awe factor when someone realizes their growth of confidence inside the pool and his energetic and easy going style of teaching allows everybody to learn at their own pace and comfort.

Ages Matthew Works With: 6mo through Adult
Matthew's Schedule: Tuesday - Saturday / All Day

Areas Matthew Teaches: Valley areas, Mid-City, Central LA

Client Reviews

"Matthew has been a wonderful teacher for our beginner swimmer, keeping her engaged, excited and learning. He is very good at handling Ashley if she loses focus and he makes her very comfortable in the water. She looks forward to each lesson and is learning so much!"

-Alisa G., Encino, Summer 2020

"Matthew was great with our 7 month old son Quinn! He showed us how to help Quinn feel comfortable and confident in the water, shared songs and movements to practice, and answered all our questions. Quinn LOVED it and so did we!"

-Perri S., Hollywood Hills, Summer 2020

"Matthew is a patient and encouraging instructor! He doesn't make you feel bad for not being able to do something but works thru the why you can't do it and helps until you do. Matthew is also an empathetic instructor and through his knowledge and experience can see what the issue is, how to correct it and most importantly how to get you to understand to correct it!"

-Jaime D., Burbank, Summer 2020

"My kids both had a lot of fun at their swim lesson. Matthew intuitively knew how to get them motivated and push them to learn in a short amount of time. Thank you!"

-Su K., Northridge, Summer 2020

"Kai loves swim lessons and truly looks forward to his time spent with his instructor, Matthew!"

-Tyla V., Burbank, Summer 2020

Read on to get to know Matthew even better...


Q1: Where did you grow up?

New Milford, Connecticut


Q2: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Italy to learn more about my great grandparents and their origins.

Q3: What is your favorite thing about being a swim instructor?

My favorite thing about being a swim instructor is the satisfaction of seeing someone gain the confidence to push themselves in the water and then being able to swim with no fear.

Q4: Who is your hero?

My hero is my mother and father for raising me to respect everybody and their differences. Without them I am not sure who I would be today because without their encouragement and love I would have never been able to follow my dreams to come to California.

Q5: If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would have to be my family's recipe for chicken parmesan because it reminds me of home, good times, and those hard times after swim meets or practice.

Pictures and Videos from Matthew's Classes

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