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Do you have a feeling that you might want to continue swimming for more than a single package of lessons? Is your schedule (your lesson day/time) important to you? If so, Head Above Water's no-risk "Ongoing Reservation" is most likely the best scheduling option for you! Without an Ongoing Reservation, your time slot/teacher are NOT guaranteed for you beyond the lesson dates that you are confirmed for. For example, just because you are booked on Saturdays at 9am for the next 8 weeks doesn't mean that the time slot will be available for you beyond your 8 confirmed appointment dates. Time slots are booked on a first-come first-served basis so the day/time that you are scheduled for right now may be booked by another client down the line. The only way to hold onto your preferred time slot is to make a no-risk "Ongoing Reservation." Read on for more information about Head Above Water's most popular scheduling option, the "Ongoing Reservation":


1. SCHEDULE: Beginning at your confirmed start date, your swim lesson day, time, and teacher are reserved for you indefinitely. This will be your standing appointment time and another client can never reserve your teacher at the time slot you are scheduled for, until you give it up. For example, if you book an ongoing reservation for Sundays at 10am, YOU and ONLY YOU will get to swim on Sundays at 10am until you discontinue your lessons. Your standing appointment time is yours until you tell Head Above Water you don't want it any longer. (Please note that your teacher may make future vacation requests that interfere with your confirmed schedule and in this case we will make every effort to either provide you with a substitute teacher or reschedule your class to another day of the week). 

2. CANCELLATIONS: The regular 24-hour cancellation policy applies. If you can't make it to your scheduled appointment on any given week, you would just need to provide Head Above Water with at least 24 hours notice and you can either reschedule your class to a different day/time that week or you can just skip your class that week. If you do not reschedule the class for another time, the credit for that class will roll over to the next billing cycle (you are never responsible for paying for lessons that are canceled with more than 24 hours notice). 

3. BILLING: You will be billed on a recurring basis, eight lessons at a time (at the 8-lesson package rate), until you tell the Head Above Water office that you would like to discontinue your lessons. 

4. DISCONTINUING LESSONS: You can discontinue your lessons at ANY time throughout the year by simply contacting the Head Above Water office and requesting to cancel your Ongoing Reservation. At that point, your standing appointment will be completely removed from our scheduling system effective the date that you request to stop classes and you will not be responsible for any further payments at that time. If you are in the middle of a billing cycle, you will be refunded for any un-used classes that you have pre-paid for.

****REMEMBER, without an Ongoing Reservation your time slot/teacher are NOT guaranteed beyond the lesson dates that you are confirmed for.****


Think the "Ongoing Reservation" may be for you? Have additional questions about this scheduling option? Feel free to email us at or call us at 310-867-9282 to get more information. 

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