The West LA "Overland" Pool

2844 Overland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064


Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Thursday,2pm-6pm 

Saturday, 9am-1pm 



The West LA Pool is located at 2844 Overland Avenue -- north of National Blvd, South of Pico.



Parking is available BEHIND the house (not on Overland, but in the alley). You will need to access the alley via Coventry Pl. (the first stoplight north of National). Turn East on Coventry and then take your very first right, which is the alley. When you are driving down the alley, you will be looking on your right-hand side for a blue house with a white garage door, and a backyard lined with ficus hedges. Pull into the parking spot directly in front of the white garage. If there are already two cars parked, you will need to temporarily park your car behind the current cars, get your swimmer out of your car and bring them into the pool area, and then coordinate with the client who is currently at the pool to move your car and take their parking spot as soon as they leave their lesson. Thank you for your flexibility in working together to utilize the parking spaces that have been graciously designated for us.


Where to Meet Your Instructor: 

The pool is in the backyard of the home and you will meet your swim teacher there. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE AND RING THE DOORBELL. You will access the backyard through the black gate directly to the side of the garage door. If you have trouble finding your instructor please call the office at 310-867-9282. If you arrive early and you are the first class of the day, the gate may be locked and you will need to wait until the swim instructor arrives to get in. 



There are no bathrooms available for regular use at this location. Though, a bathroom may SOMETIMES be available for emergencies ONLY, depending on whether the homeowner is present or not. If the homeowner is not home, we will have no access to a restroom. If the homeowner is home, the bathroom can be utilized if there is an emergency. As such, please remember to have your swimmers use the bathroom before coming to their swim lesson. And have your child in a swim diaper, if age appropriate. Changing clothes can be done in the seating area near the pool.

Pool Rules:

We are SO happy to have use of this beautiful swimming pool and in order to maintain our space in this neighborhood we want to be as courteous as possible with regard to keeping the noise level down and minimizing distractions around the pool. Please help us keep this wonderful location available for your use by abiding by the following rules...

• Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early. Prior to your child's lesson, please wait quietly in the seating area and allow the swimmer ahead of you to finish their lesson without distraction.

• During the lesson we ask that parents stay out of the water and in the seating area (unless it's a parent & me class in which case the parent will be in the water with their child). Additionally, the only child allowed to be in the water is the one that is taking the lesson. If siblings come along for the lessons, they will not be able to use the pool, unless it's their designated swim lesson time.

• Lessons are scheduled back-to-back so when your lesson is completed, the swimmer will be asked to get out of the water promptly so that the next swimmer can start their lesson on time. 

• For practice time in the pool we can recommend a local pool for your use. 


Year Round Swim Lessons: 

We DO offer our lessons all year at this pool location! 

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