Head Above Water has taught thousands of children to swim in our nearly 20 years in business.. Below are just a few of the very satisfied customers that we have had the pleasure of serving.

It is our aim to ensure quality and extreme satisfaction with every part of our service!

You might notice that many of these reviews below are about clients' overall experience with Head Above Water. To read specific reviews about certain swim instructors, visit our instructor bio pages: Click here.

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"We were so curious and eager to get our first ever parent and me swim lesson. This went better than expected! We will surely be practicing the many skills we were introduced to for our 1-year-old! Our instructor, Chloe was wonderful -- so lovely, fun, knowledgeable, friendly, on-time and I just feel like I got exactly what I’d hoped for to give my baby the best experience and early safety lessons in the water! Head Above Water is the most responsive, professional, helpful, patient, thorough staff and business ever! Can’t thank you all enough! Thank you HAW and Chloe! So glad we did this! We’re new life-long customers for sure! "

-Katrina L., Westwood, Summer 2020

"Our family had a wonderful experience with Head Above Water this summer. Our swim instructor Matthew has taken my daughter from total beginner to being able to safely keep herself above water and get to the side, among some other basic skills. Matthew's patience, creative and fun approach to teaching ensured that she was excited for every lesson and she loves the water. We are so appreciative!"

-Alisa G., Encino, Summer 2020

"Matthew was great with our 7 month old son Quinn! He showed us how to help Quinn feel comfortable and confident in the water, shared songs and movements to practice, and answered all our questions. We loved our experience. The HAW office responded to my inquiry quickly, got us booked in a timely manner, answered all questions and was very helpful. Quinn LOVED it and so did we!"

-Perri S., Hollywood Hills, Summer 2020

"I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all of the work you and your team have done to get me swimming. As an adult swimmer, the biggest hurdle to overcome was my fear of water. Andrew and Gabby were both wonderful instructors. Their patience, passion and perseverance have helped me get from having a fear of drowning to being able to confidently say "Yes, I will jump in the deep end!" The private setting helped me put aside my anxieties and self-consciousness and allowed me to focus on learning the skill without fear of being judged. The pool was warm and the facilities were sparkling - a definite plus during a pandemic.  At 38 years old, to be able to confidently say "yes I can swim" is a milestone that I could not have achieved with you and your team's dedication to the craft/sport. Please continue doing what you do, because you all truly change lives! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!"

-Nick., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"We are so happy with Head Above Water!! Kate is so professional and has been so proactive during this difficult time of COVID-19. Our swim instructor, Chloe, is amazing and both of my children are learning so much in just a few lessons. The lessons are structured, yet fun and the kids don't want to leave. Thank you for doing what you're doing! You are amazing. So glad we found you :)"

-Caitlin D., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"We were more than impressed with Head Above Water’s atmosphere, services and the swim instructor. From the moment we inquired with the company, the owner Kate reached out immediately upon my inquiries and was available to answer questions we had. When we arrived for your first lesson we found the pool/area to be clean and beautiful. We were apprehensive with our 2 year old in the pool but her instructor made her feel safe and made it fun! Our daughter took to her instantly and we couldn’t have been more pleased! I would definitely recommend Head Above Water!"

-Brittany G., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"As an adult, learning to swim seemed quite daunting. The office staff was very professional during the sign-up process and replied back quickly. I received the answers to my questions and was able to sign up for my first class within minutes. When I arrived at the location, my first impression of the pool and seating area was that it’s very clean and professional. Then meeting my coach, Gabby it took a matter of minutes to feel at ease. I appreciated that she kept track of the time and made sure I could learn at a pace I was comfortable with. Within minutes of the lesson I knew I wanted to continue learning to swim and signed up for the 8 class package which will definitely be worth it."

-Rubia C., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"We've had the most wonderful experience with Head Above Water! Kate, the owner, is so committed to her customers and provides the best service. Their mobile app is so helpful and easy to use to sign up for classes or make any changes. We take lessons at the West LA pool and the location is always very clean and currently gets sanitized after every swim lesson! My two sons have had lessons with a couple instructors and they are always happy and excited to come back for more classes. HAW has such a great atmosphere!"

-Nadia M., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"I have always enjoyed working with Kate. She is prompt in her responses to me and very professional in our dealings. I have been with HAW for many years now and continue to enjoy receiving excellent service from the staff and teachers. My older boys were very excited to start swim lessons again this summer. My youngest was not so happy about having a teacher and not mommy in the pool with him but when he saw what the instructor was doing he wanted to jump right in with the new teacher and had a great time. I was very happy with how the lessons went and look forward to a fun swimming summer ahead."

-Diane P., Porter Ranch, Summer 2020

"Kate is always very communicative and organized, which I *so* appreciate. Thank you for remembering our preferences and reaching out for scheduling and such. There is a reason we have been coming back to Head above Water for years! I really appreciate all the efforts you guys are taking to keep everyone safe during the coronavirus. The kids were very happy to be back in the pool, and we were all happy to see Andrew. He is great at keeping them focused and safe at all times."

-Laura M., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"Lessons at the West LA pool are great! They take all the precautions necessary to make it an easy and safe experience given the current times! Thank you!"

-Stephanie W., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"From the beginning, my whole experience with Head Above Water has been great. I received a clear confirmation of my appointment that I booked online and a lot of information after signing up so I did not feel I had any further questions. Kate knew I had called the day before requesting information and it was nice of her to send an email acknowledging that we spoke over the phone the day before. The process for signing up and scheduling was very smooth and our first class went very well! Our instructor, Gabby was very sweet and patient with my son Alec. He was scared initially but by the end of the lesson he was more comfortable in the pool without mom. We are excited and look forward his next lessons as he becomes familiar with the pool and with his instructor."

-Samira N., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"I really appreciate the precautions given pandemic. Andrew was very friendly & fun which allowed my girls to have a very enjoyable experience! Kate is very responsive, flexible & accommodating."

-Mark L., West LA Pool, Summer 2020

"After calling many swim schools, I selected Head Above Water because it was the only private swim school with certified lifeguards and experienced instructors who could ensure my child’s safety, while also progressing her swimming skills. Andrew has been wonderful! He was patient when my daughter was resistant, accommodating when it came time to have a parent join to assist with her comfort, and engaging in a way that is respectful, fun, and motivating. My daughter is making outstanding progress! We’ve also found the owner Kate to be professional, responsive, and supportive all along the way. When I had questions about certain practices that I wasn’t familiar with, such as encouraging the use of goggles, she explained her logic and rational in a way that was informative and non-judgemental of my question. I was a swim instructor for about ten years, and I wasn’t sure I would ever find a company or a teacher to teach my daughter. Head Above Water has exceeded my expectations!"

-Ashley S., West LA Pool, Spring 2019

"Our swim instructor, Kiera is a miracle worker! Audrey used to hate getting her face wet but she was doing it happily throughout the first lesson with Kiera. Afterward she said “I love swim lessons now!!” And Kate is super helpful and communicative. She makes the entire process incredibly easy! "

-Laura M., West LA pool, Summer 2019

"Kate is great at communicating what needs to happen to sign us up and is able to schedule us quickly. She always gives a very detailed schedule for our lesson time. I appreciate all the effort that goes into our swim lessons. And my two boys have been having a great time in their lessons. They loved how engaged the teacher was with each of them. She met them at their levels and personalized her instructions for each of them. "

-Diane P., Porter Ranch, Spring 2019

"From the very beginning, Kate, the owner, has been very responsive to all emails and made me trust the fact that her business was reputable and somewhere worth putting in the money for private lessons. I definitely appreciate the great customer service! Thanks to my swim instructor, Andrew, I felt much more comfortable in the water by just my second lesson! It's nice to have him assist with the progression. And while it is still early on and I have a lot to learn, it is nice to see progress already!"

-Lauren L., West LA Pool, Spring 2019

"After watching my daughter, Ava in her 2nd class class, I have to say that she has learned more in two lessons than in 1 1/2 years at Lenny krazelberg. She is so confident and at ease w/ Samantha and so proud. I couldn’t be happier!! I am so impressed with Sam's style and demeanor. Samantha is so gifted and her work with young and old is amazing. My nanny is taking lessons as well and she has tried swim lessons over the years and was still terrified and wore a life jacket in the shallow end until she started lessons w/ Samantha. She is thrilled and I forced her to take the lessons originally. Thank you for your amazing customer service and Samantha’s skills. I just wish we found you first! We wasted years and in two lessons with Samantha, my child has gained skills and confidence and we both couldn’t be more proud!!"

-Sonia C., Hollywood Hills, Summer 2018

"Signing up for swim lessons sign HAW was so easy! Made a phone call, spoke directly with the owner and had our swim schedule locked in by the end of the day! So simple and super easy! And then once we started our lessons, by just the second class my son Liam went from not being able to put his face in the water to blowing bubbles under water and swimming a short distance by himself! Super happy with everything!!!"

-Erin F., Canoga Park, Summer 2018

"When my kids started, my 4 year old daughter wouldn’t wash her hair in the bath without crying. After the first lesson, our teacher Andrew instilled such knowledge and confidence that you would have guessed she grew up with water in her face. This company has provided confidence in a very important area of life, Water safety! These guys are the best!!!"

-Dan B., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Kate was very responsive when I requested information about lessons via the website. She was easy to communicate with and made the sign-up process very comfortable and easy. I signed up late in the season and she was able to fit me in according to my schedule."

-Abby P., Toluca Lake Pool, Summer 2018

"The HAW office staff has been extremely attentive with fast response turnaround times. The online appointment system is genius and makes everything so convenient!"

-Natasha B., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"The staff at HAW have been so responsive and accomodating. It really helped me make the choice to go with them much easier! And on our drive home from our very first lesson, my daughter said she missed swim class! That's a good sign. Looking forward to more sessions! Thank you!"

-Ingrid L., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Thank you so much for everything, Bradley had an amazing time. We loved it and are recommending you to all our friends. My sister already signed up her daughter for classes! Amazing experience, we couldn’t be happier. I could see the smile on my son's face the whole time, he just loved it! "

-Andrea A., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"The HAW office was very accommodating to our needs. We received very prompt assistance signing up for lessons and it was a very simple process. Additionally, both Andrew and Giles are fantastic instructors. They made sure our son felt safe throughout his lesson and know how to make learning fun for toddlers. Our son had nothing but smiles during his lesson. They also took time to give us tips on things we could practice at home which we greatly appreciated."

-Kaity P., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"Kate, the owner, was extremely responsive and made sure to answer all of my questions as we set up our first appointment."

-Samir L., West LA Pool, Summer 2018

"The service is excellent and highly attentive to the customer. I got responses right away and easily accessible. My swim instructor is very professional and extremely kind and knows how to work with me and my level of experience. I would strongly recommend this to anyone! "

-Catherine N., Van Nuys, Summer 2018

"The two lifeguards we hired were great! One thing I loved was how easy it was to book with you guys. I had reached out to several companies that didn’t get back to me and one who only had one guard (who they reserved for me and the week before tried to confirm with me; I told them I’d already booked with someone else and they still sent the poor girl - they seemed so disorganized!). The fast communication made it super easy to work with you, so thanks!!"

-Meredith S., Santa Monica, Summer 2018

"In signing up for lessons, response was prompt, friendly, and efficient. All my questions were answered without being asked and scheduling was so convenient and quick. Our instructor, Andrew was great and patient even though my son was not completely on board with the idea of swimming lessons."

-Hara C., West LA pool, Summer 2018

"My daughter, Sadie is learning so much and is loving our parent-and-me classes! We are really happy we chose you guys for our lessons. We will definitely continue lessons throughout the year!!"

-Sarah M., Playa Vista, Spring 2018

"The owner, Kate is amazing and so easy to communicate with. I have already recommend HAW to several friends. Best customer service, and the swimming instruction is great as well!" 

-Laura M., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"I have been VERY impressed with Head Above Water so far! My son has progressed more in 5 lessons here than he had in all of his lessons with 5 (yes, five!) other swim programs. He is now happy about going to swim lessons for the first time ever!! His instructor, Andrew has been fantastic in every way. I am very impressed with both his kindness but also not letting my child manipulate! I cannot say enough about how great everything has been! " 

-Stephanie W., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"During the sign-up process, the personal responses from the owner, Kate were a huge plus to help us understand the best approach toward making our daughter comfortable in the water, and hopefully eventually love swimming!" 

-Megan M., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"A perfect experience!! Great customer service and top notch lessons. My kids love learning how to swim at Head Above Water!!" 

-Jamison S., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"The owner, Kate made the process of getting my two girls scheduled for swim lessons so simple and efficient. Excellent experience!" 

-Huria P., West LA Pool, Spring 2018

"Communication with the office staff had been exceptional. All our questions and scheduling requests have been answered and easily accommodated. A joy to speak with!"

-Lisa S., West LA Pool, Fall 2017

"I really appreciated it that I could schedule swim lessons with such ease. I always got responses to my emails in a timely manner and all communication were very professional."

-Pedram B., Westwood, Summer 2017

"HAW team does everything to meet our needs!! Their online system is really easy to navigate and they are excellent professionals."

-Vanessa C., West LA Pool, Summer 2017 

"Working with Head Above Water has been a GREAT experience! Setting up the lessons could not have been easier and my kids instantly loved the instructor and the general set up of everything. We're always looking forward to our next lesson. Thank you!!!"

-Devon K., West LA Pool, Summer 2017


"My daughter was a little nervous before coming to her swim lessons because she last had lessons with another company about 2 summers ago and it didn't go so well. However, the Head Above Water instructors made her feel very comfortable! They started with a few refresher beginner drills and then eased her into some new things and started her jumping in the deep end. She was scared, but trusted the instructors, jumped in, came back up and swam to the other side. Now she likes to jump in and we owe it all to her wonderful teachers and their gentle approach. Thank You Head Above Water!"
-Keiasha B., West LA Pool, Summer 2017

"We LOVE HAW! This is our second year with the program and the instructors and pool are awesome. My son was nervous before his lessons but by the end he said he had so much fun and couldn't wait for the next lesson! Thanks so much HAW!"

-Lisa H., West LA Pool, Summer 2017

"We are now in our second year with Head Above Water and the instructors we have worked with are top-notch. Also, Kate in the office is super easy to work with and great at communicating and responding to any and all questions we have."

-Laura M., West LA Pool, Spring 2017


"Our experience with Head Above Water has been great! We've used them for severely years and the teachers are top notch. And the owner, Kate always responds to emails in a prompt manner. Most recently we used Giles and he was the best teacher we have had so far. We can't wait for next summer for more swimming with Head Above Water!"

-Leslie H., Westwood, Summer/Fall 2016

"We've been with HAW for about 2 years now and we've had the pleasure of working with a few different instructors who have overall been really great personable teachers! And Kate is a very professional, personable, great point person. Some of my favorite aspects of Head Above Water is that they offer one-on-one teaching in a private atmosphere and the ease of scheduling lessons is incredible!"

-Norn B., West LA Pool, Summer 2016

"Kate, the owner is so professional and pleasant to deal with. The company has great communication, wonderful customer support and amazing instructors!"

-Laura M., Marina Del Rey, Summer/Fall 2016

"We have had the pleasure of working with a few instructors and everyone has been caring and knew how to calm a fearful child. My daughter, Adelaide is now very close to swimming on her own now and I couldn't be happier! One of the skills that I think is really grate that my daughter has learned is the monkey crawl. On vacation I felt much better about her being in the pool because she knew how to get in and out of the pool safely. All in all, we are having a great time and will be signing up for more classes!!"

-Missy Y., West LA Pool, Summer 2016

"We LOVE your program!! We think our teacher, Andrew is fantastic, and we are really happy with the tremendous progress Quin has made this spring/summer."

-Doug B., West LA Pool, Summer 2016

"We've had lessons with Taylor and couldn't be more thrilled! She is so great with Addison, and Addison has taken to her immediately. Addison begs me to take her to swim lessons and she keeps asking me if she gets to come back for another. Our hope was to get Addison eager to get into the water and comfortable enough to start learning techniques so she could master swimming and already we are seeing results in just a few lessons! Thank you!! Looks like a great partnership, glad we found you!"

-Marla R., Studio City Pool, Summer 2016


"We love Head Above Water!! All the instructors our daughter, Eva has had have been wonderful. Ada has been with us the longest and Eva asks about her often. Taylor was also great and Eva had a great time and was very comfortable with her right away. Thank you so much!"

-Katharina H., Hollywood Hills, Spring 2016


"I am very pleased with our experience so far both with the flexibility of HAW office and the quality of instruction we are receiving. I definitely recommend HAW!"

-Nia S., Playa Vista, Fall 2015


"I've been extremely pleased with HAW, from my initial contact until now. I would highly recommend HAW to friends and family! Our teacher was fantastic -- She had the perfect temperament for my girls -- gentle, fun, calm and confident. I would use her again in a heartbeat!!! My girls progressed leaps and bounds in just the first four lessons."

-Alex V., Beverly Hills, Summer 2015


"You guys are great! I wish we had known about you a year earlier. We asked around and people were recommending another place but sign-up was almost impossible so it didn't work for us... so then we ended up taking a friend's recommendation of someone but really this person wasn't very experienced, so the boys' progress was slow. Later, after being frustrated with the slow progress, I asked my neighbor, and she recommended HAW. I just so wish I had found you earlier. Our favorite thing bout Head Above Water is the knowledgeable, effective teaching that results in progress! Thank you for providing this service that's customized for families with access to pools."

-Cathy S., Pacific Palisades, Summer 2015


"Talya loved the Head Above Water swim lessons she took this summer and she enjoyed each one of the instructors very much. Thank you for providing such a great team! I also appreciate the business model of teaming up with families to use their pools. This makes it special for the kids to have the pool for themselves during the lessons."

Anat S., West LA, Summer 2015


"I just wanted you to know that Cara and Sandy were great with the boys.  Breccan (our younger son) swam on his own for the first time yesterday!  It was crazy!  He was so scared to swim just a week ago and has shed so many tears worrying that he would sink.  Breccan really liked Cara on Tuesday and made big progress and then Thursday, he made the final jump with Sandy.  To see the transformation is just incredible."

-Dawn C., Santa Moninca, Summer 2015


"We have been using Head Above Water for the past year and a half in order to teach our kids to swim and the experience has been great. Everybody who works there is friendly, helpful, and responsive. They are great about needing to do a quick re-schedule! I like how they come to our private pool and teach my children in a comfortable setting. So far, two of my kids are becoming proficient swimmers and our third one is about to start learning. I highly recommend them as the prices are reasonable and run tandem to the high quality service that you are getting!"

-Jill E., Beverly Hills, Summer 2014


"After many failed swimming lessons with other swim schools, Head Above Water finally taught my five-year-old daughter how to swim, and they are still teaching her. Giles is her instructor and he is just wonderful. His temperament is perfect. He's a great teacher, and my daughter swims very well now. She has only been taught by him for three months, and has a missed a few classes due to colds and other childhood viruses, and still she is a much better swimmer than she was before. Also, if we have to cancel at the last minute, Giles is very understanding and accommodating. We are very pleased parents!"

-Pete Z., Pacific Pasliades, Fall 2014


"I have been using Head Above Water's services for the past 8 years and they've been phenomenal. Their customer service has never lacked! I have used them for lifeguard birthday parties we do, and I have also used them to teach young children in our family how to swim. Everything was great! They were always on time, and the communication was awesome." 

-Mia P., Calabasas, Fall 2014


"Head Above Water brought personal swim instructors to my home. My son is a much better swimmer now. I liked how they confirmed with email before they came, and they were always accommodating and readily available.Thanks for the great service!"

-Helen Z., Bel Air, Fall 2014


"HAW was extremely accommodating to my son's needs. Not only did our instructor know just how to handle his issues with staying focused while in the pool, but also, the management staff was very obliging when it came to tweaking the program to fit our requirements."

-Shannon G., Brentwood, Summer 2013


"Gillian started the summer afraid to put her head under the water, and now we have underwater movies of her blowing bubbles 2 feet under. HAW's gentle and firm direction is exactly what Gillian needed to overcome her fear of the water. Gillian was very proud of herself when she swam across the pool."

-Jennifer B., Pasadena, Summer 2012


"After trying 6 swim schools, we finally found Head Above Water. The teachers at HAW will transform for your small children from dog paddlers to real swimmers. My children adore our teachers as do my husband and I. HAW is a real find!"

-Angela B., Beverly Hills, Summer 2012


"Because of developmental and sensory issues our son was petrified to even stand on the steps of our swimming pool. The Head Above Water Staff connected us with a very kind, patient teacher who after only a few lessons was able to accomplish things we never thought possible. Now, a few months later, our son looks forward to spending time with us in the pool and the entire experience has improved his self-esteem and taught him that he can conquer his fears."

-Jenny N., Studio City, Summer 2011


"Head Above Water is very responsive! If we need to change dates, cancel, or alter a plan, we are able to! We had one child who wasn't responding as much, and so we were able to take those lessons and shift them over to our child who was. They're great!"

-Thomas B., Burbank, Fall 2010


"My daughter and her friends thrived in a relaxed back yard pool atmosphere, with Head Above Water's caring, age-appropriate and challenging instruction. HAW's teachers strike a balance between comforting preschoolers who may be skittish and pushing them to really learn to swim! Thanks to HAW's talented swimming teachers, my four year old daughter dives into the deep end and swims the length of our pool. Her ability to swim different strokes allows me to feel more comfortable when she is in the water."

-Caroline C., South Pasadena, Summer 2010


"I checked out every swim school before selecting Head Above Water for my daughter. Their philosophy strikes a perfect balance for my strong-willed, water- loving two-year old. She went from needing to be constantly held in the pool, to jumping in by herself and swimming from one end to the other in a matter of weeks! The peace of mind I have now is priceless, and so is the look on Chloe's face when she does it herself."

-Amy L., West LA, Summer 2010


"From remaining in hotel rooms in Hawaii too scared to go down near the pools in prior years... to BEGGING to go swimming and jumping off the sides of the pool this summer after Head Above Water lessons. This is a BIG success, we are so thankful for HAW!"

-Melissa Z., Brentwood, Summer 2009


"My 2 1/2 year old son was afraid of getting his face wet. With the patience and fun games of the Head Above Water instructors, my son was swimming underwater with no fear."

-Antonia M., Sherman Oaks, Summer 2008


"As parents of a toddler and pool owners, we are extremely concerned with water safety. Head Above Water Swim School understood our concerns and implemented a thoughtful, fun and effective series of swimming lessons for our son. We are forever grateful to HAW because our son is now water-safe!"

-Liddy M. and Gerry G., Malibu, Summer 2007


"Head Above Water was a terrific experience for our 17month old. Weekly Mommy and Me lessons at our home with friends and other children his age, allowed him to get used to the pool, be with his peers, and have a great time with the water toddler program designed by HAW's founder, Meredith Mcwatters. Each teacher on her staff is a gifted swimmer as well as wonderful teachers for young children."

-Marti & Mike O., Beverly Hills, Summer 2006


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